Practical details


  • Hasselt University

    Master of Science in Computer Science

    Major: Networking and Security

    Master thesis: A survey of browser fingerprinting

    2019 → 2021

  • Hasselt University

    Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    2016 → 2019

  • Wico Campus Salvator


    2010 → 2016

Natural Languages

  • Dutch is my native tongue.
  • I have extensive knowledge of English.
  • I have basic knowledge of French, German and Swedish.

Programming Languages

I feel confident writing in these languages:

  • Rust
  • C++
  • Python
  • TypeScript

I have average proficiency in the following languages:

  • Java
  • JavaScript

Programming Tools

I’m experienced with the following deployment and development tools:

  • SCM: Git
  • Containers: Docker (Compose) / Kubernetes
  • CI: GitLab, Travis, Jenkins
  • Webservers: nginx and Caddy
  • OpenSSH

I’m familiar with:

  • Kanban
  • Scrum
  • Test-driven development
  • Clean Code Structure


I’ve created applications with the following frameworks:

  • Qt (both QtWidgets and QtQuick)
  • Vue (both JS and TS)
  • Django
  • Flask

Work Experience

  • DevOps Engineer at DNS Belgium (2022-04 → now)

    As the registry of .be, .vlaanderen and .brussels, DNS Belgium is an important player in the Belgian Internet landscape. As DevOps Engineer, I am responsible for the development and deployment of systems.

    I am mainly working on Mercator, an open-source crawler. It is used to crawl and analyze all registered domains.

  • Software Engineer at Luminex Network Intelligence (2021-09 → 2022-03)

    Under the motto “AV Networking Made Easy”, Luminex tries to make the life of the audiovisual technicians easier by developing devices that are preconfigured for the needs of these customers and providing accompanying software.

    My job mainly involved working on Araneo, a QtQuick application to manage and monitor a network of Luminex devices. These devices include their GigaCore network switches and LumiNode Ethernet/DMX converters. I’ve mainly worked on two projects that are still under NDA. One is for a prestigious, well-known event in the entertainment sector, the other is integrating devices of a third-party vendor in the software.

    Besides that, I gained a lot of experience in shipping cross-platform software, utilizing an end-to-end pipeline and making sure the codebase can withstand changes from external sources.

  • Wico Campus Salvator (2016-08)

    Student job


  • Hans Vandermaesen, CTO of Luminex Network Intelligence

Awards and Prizes

  • My team came first in the Flemish Programming Competition (Vlaamse Programmeerwedstrijd) of 2018.
  • I also finished in eighth place of the Cyber Security Challenge Belgium, a hacking competition. Challenges in this competition include pentesting, decompiling, WebSec, DNS and OSINT. My personal strengths were WebSec, DNS and password cracking.
  • I also finished first in the Capture The Flag of Hasselt University in 2019.


I’ve volunteered for numerous organizations in the past years.

  • SPW ’t Stadspark: worked as a volunteer to take care of children (often in socially difficult situations) and offer them a nice summer vacation. Also maintained their website while I was there.
  • UHCTF: helped organize the Capture The Flag event of Hasselt University.

Other projects I’ve worked on

  • NordSelect

    Open source tool to determine the best NordVPN®-server to connect to. Written completely in Rust.

  • DrawingSockets

    Project using websockets to allow Sketch.io-esque games. Includes voice and videochat over WebRTC. Both server and client were written in TypeScript. The interface is written using Vue.

  • Sproutrouter

    A proof-of-concept for a decentralized network for anonymous networking, like The Onion Router (TOR). Named because it was written in Belgium. Source code available

  • WannaMine

    School project. A proof-of-concept for a botnet, using a subreddit on Reddit as a Command and Control (C&C) server. Clients will call home by commenting on posts. Moderators would exeute commands using posts in the subreddit. Source code available

  • Fingerprint Lab

    Fingerprint Lab, a tool written as part of my master thesis, allows users to test their browser against different browser fingerprinting vectors. It also allows users to export their values and compare with other users for matches, to determine how unique a value is. Server is written on Cloudflare Workers, the frontend is created using Vue.


    Administration tool for a youth movement. The name is shortened from speelpleinwerkingsadministratie. Written in Django, deployed on a self-hosted Kubernetes cluster. The frontend uses Bootstrap.

  • Dienstenplanner

    Tool developed for the Federal Police of Belgium, to allow shifts of employees to be planned in the emergency response room. A complex constraint-solver with multiple rules to allow different types of employment, holidays and employee preferences. Written in Java.

  • Monopoly™ Mega Edition

    The complete Monopoly Mega Edition game, implemented in C++ with Qt Widgets as interface. Created as a school project.